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100S-1 Series

100S-1 Series

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Product Lineup  
 General Type Click the icon as follows, to check the details.
Structure Series Mounting
Rod End Type Bore (mm)
20 25 32 40 50 63 80 100
Double-acting Single-rod Standard Type
SD Female 100S-16SD20N10 100S-16SD25N10 100S-16SD32N10 100S-16SD40N10 100S-16SD50N10 100S-16SD63N10 100S-16SD80N10 100S-16SD100N10
Male 100S-16SD20N10T 100S-16SD25N10T 100S-16SD32N10T 100S-16SD40N10T 100S-16SD50N10T 100S-16SD63N10T 100S-16SD80N10T 100S-16SD100N10T
LD/FA/FB Female 100S-16LD20N10 100S-16LD25N10 100S-16LD32N10 100S-16LD40N10 100S-16LD50N10 100S-16LD63N10 100S-16LD80N10 100S-16LD100N10
Male 100S-16LD20N10T 100S-16LD25N10T 100S-16LD32N10T 100S-16LD40N10T 100S-16LD50N10T 100S-16LD63N10T 100S-16LD80N10T 100S-16LD100N10T
Switch Set
SD Female 100S-1R6SD20N10-00 100S-1R6SD25N10-00 100S-1R6SD32N10-00 100S-1R6SD40N10-00 100S-1R6SD50N10-00 100S-1R6SD80N10-00 100S-1R6SD100N10-00
Male 100S-1R6SD20N10T00 100S-1R6SD25N10T00 100S-1R6SD32N10T00 100S-1R6SD40N10T00 100S-1R6SD50N10T00 100S-1R6SD63N10T00 100S-1R6SD80N10T00 100S-1R6SD100N10T00
LD/FA/FB Female 100S-1R6LD20N10-00 100S-1R6LD25N10-00 100S-1R6LD32N10-00 100S-1R6LD40N10-00 100S-1R6LD50N10-00 100S-1R6LD63N10-00 100S-1R6LD80N10-00 100S-1R6LD100N10-00
Male 100S-1R6LD20N10T00 100S-1R6LD25N10T00 100S-1R6LD32N10T00 100S-1R6LD40N10T00 100S-1R6LD50N10T00 100S-1R6LD63N10T00 100S-1R6LD80N10T00 100S-1R6LD100N10T00
Double-acting Double-rod Standard Type
SD Female 100S-1D6SD20N10 100S-1D6SD25N10 100S-1D6SD32N10 100S-1D6SD40N10 100S-1D6SD50N10 100S-1D6SD63N10 100S-1D6SD80N10 100S-1D6SD100N10
Male 100S-1D6SD20N10-00 100S-1D6SD25N10-00 100S-1D6SD32N10-00 100S-1D6SD40N10-00 100S-1D6SD50N10-00 100S-1D6SD63N10-00 100S-1D6SD80N10-00 100S-1D6SD100N10-00
LD/FA Female 100S-1D6LD20N10 100S-1D6LD25N10 100S-1D6LD32N10 100S-1D6LD40N10 100S-1D6LD50N10 100S-1D6LD63N10 100S-1D6LD80N10 100S-1D6LD100N10
Male 100S-1D6LD20N10T 100S-1D6LD25N10T 100S-1D6LD32N10T 100S-1D6LD40N10T 100S-1D6LD50N10T 100S-1D6LD63N10T 100S-1D6LD80N10T 100S-1D6LD100N10T
Switch Set
SD Female 100S-1RD6SD20N10-00 100S-1RD6SD25N10-00 100S-1RD6SD32N10-00 100S-1RD6SD40N10-00 100S-1RD6SD50N10-00 100S-1RD6SD63N10-00 100S-1RD6SD80N10-00 100S-1RD6SD100N10-00
Male 100S-1RD6SD20N10T00 100S-1RD6SD25N10T00 100S-1RD6SD32N10T00 100S-1RD6SD40N10T00 100S-1RD6SD50N10T00 100S-1RD6SD63N10T00 100S-1RD6SD80N10T00 100S-1RD6SD100N10T00
LD/FA Female 100S-1RD6LD20N10-00 100S-1RD6LD25N10-00 100S-1RD6LD32N10-00 100S-1RD6LD40N10-00 100S-1RD6LD50N10-00 100S-1RD6LD63N10-00 100S-1RD6LD80N10-00 100S-1RD6LD100N10-00
Male 100S-1RD6LD20N10T00 100S-1RD6LD25N10T00 100S-1RD6LD32N10T00 100S-1RD6LD40N10T00 100S-1RD6LD50N10T00 100S-1RD6LD63N10T00 100S-1RD6LD80N10T00 100S-1RD6LD100N10T00
Note) Please click the Series Name when you need to review the details of each series.

Cutting Fluid Proof Type

Click the icon as follows, to check the details.
Structure Series Mounting Type Rod End Type Bore (mm)
20 25 32 40 50 63 80 100
Double-acting Single-rod Standard Type
SD Female - - 100SW-16SD32N10 100SW-16SD40N10 100SW-16SD50N10 100SW-16SD63N10 100SW-16SD80N10 100SW-16SD100N10
Male - - 100SW-16SD32N10T 100SW-16SD40N10T 100SW-16SD50N10T 100SW-16SD63N10T 100SW-16SD80N10T 100SW-16SD100N10T
LD/FA/FB Female - - 100SW-16LD32N10 100SW-16LD40N10 100SW-16LD50N10 100SW-16LD63N10 100SW-16LD80N10 100SW-16LD100N10
Male - - 100SW-16LD32N10T 100SW-16LD40N10T 100SW-16LD50N10T 100SW-16LD63N10T 100SW-16LD80N10T 100SW-16LD100N10T
Switch Set
SD Female - - 100SW-1R6SD32N10-00 100SW-1R6SD40N10-00 100SW-1R6SD50N10-00 100SW-1R6SD63N10-00 100SW-1R6SD80N10-00 100SW-1R6SD100N10-00
Male - - 100SW-1R6SD32N10T00 100SW-1R6SD40N10T00 100SW-1R6SD50N10T00 100SW-1R6SD63N10T00 100SW-1R6SD80N10T00 100SW-1R6SD100N10T00
LD/FA/FB Female - - 100SW-1R6LD32N10-00 100SW-1R6LD40N10-00 100SW-1R6LD50N10-00 100SW-1R6LD63N10-00 100SW-1R6LD80N10-00 100SW-1R6LD100N10-00
Male - - 100SW-1R6LD32N10T00 100SW-1R6LD40N10T00 100SW-1R6LD50N10T00 100SW-1R6LD63N10T00 100SW-1R6LD80N10T00 100SW-1R6LD100N10T00
Double-acting Double-rod Standard Type
SD Female - - 100SW-1D6SD32N10 100SW-1D6SD32N10 100SW-1D6SD32N10 100SW-1D6SD32N10 100SW-1D6SD32N10 100SW-1D6SD32N10
Male - - 100SW-1D6SD32N10T 100SW-1D6SD40N10T 100SW-1D6SD50N10T 100SW-1D6SD63N10T 100SW-1D6SD80N10T 100SW-1D6SD100N10T
LD/FA Female - - 100SW-1D6LD32N10 100SW-1D6LD40N10 100SW-1D6LD50N10 100SW-1D6LD63N10 100SW-1D6LD80N10 100SW-1D6LD100N10
Male - - 100SW-1D6LD32N10T 100SW-1D6LD40N10T 100SW-1D6LD50N10T 100SW-1D6LD63N10T 100SW-1D6LD80N10T 100SW-1D6LD100N10T
Switch Set
SD Female - - 100SW-1RD6SD32N10-00 100SW-1RD6SD40N10-00 100SW-1RD6SD50N10-00 100SW-1RD6SD63N10-00 100SW-1RD6SD80N10-00 100SW-1RD6SD100N10-00
Male - - 100SW-1RD6SD32N10T00 100SW-1RD6SD40N10T00 100SW-1RD6SD50N10T00 100SW-1RD6SD63N10T00 100SW-1RD6SD80N10T00 100SW-1RD6SD100N10T00
LD/FA Female - - 100SW-1RD6LD32N10-00 100SW-1RD6LD40N10-00 100SW-1RD6LD50N10-00 100SW-1RD6LD63N10-00 100SW-1RD6LD80N10-00 100SW-1RD6LD100N10-00
Male - - 100SW-1RD6LD32N10T00 100SW-1RD6LD40N10T00 100SW-1RD6LD50N10T00 100SW-1RD6LD63N10T00 100SW-1RD6LD80N10T00 100SW-1RD6LD100N10T00
Note) Please click the Series Name when you need to review the details of each series.
Operate at up to 16Mpa, depending on frequency in use
Bore sizes from 20mm to 100mm.

Light weight, compact hydraulic cylinders with bodies constructed of a special aluminum alloy.

Cost-effective selection is available based on frequency of operation and operation pressure.
Rod gland constructed of a special copper alloy for improved wear resistance.
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