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AVC-55PC:with Pail Can, Carrier.
Economical Type
For Open Can Only
Simply remove top plate of standard pail can (for oil), then it can be a Open Can. This is a pail can of which all top plate can be removed (upper cover of a can).

Mechanism of Suction

Supply the air compressed at 0.4~0.6Mpa.
Compressed air goes out through the ejector with high speed.
The air inside tank is discharged by the vacuum force made by ejector.
The pressure inside the tank becomes minus pressure.
Dust or liquid can be sucked through a nozzle.
When the tank becomes full of liquid, the float ball shuts the spout of sucking air. Then, cleaner stops working.

Specifications Table

Specifications at 5Kg / ㎠ Oil-proof hose φ32 x 2m
Aluminium nozzle φ32 x 30cm
Air consumption amount 450 / min
Vacuum degree 2,000mm / H2O
Air suction amount 1.7㎥ / min
Application Oil stopper Included
Filter Option
Option Can, Carrier, “T” type nozzle, Filter set
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