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CM Type

CM Type

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It is a long-selling type that represents "Daiwa Rabin" not only because of its unique elasticity (softness), but also because of its design that perfectly balances the cutting quality, polished surface, and durability, and its use in various operations involving different types of materials.
  • It can remove the processing marks left from direct end-mill carving of metal forging dies, as well as cutting marks on FCD 600 class, SUS, and heat resistant alloys. Processes like heat treatment, carburizing, and nitriding are also not difficult to perform even with high hardness (HRC60 level).
  • Due to its unique elasticity, it can be aligned with the work piece, which prevents jumping and chattering of the work piece caused by hitting. It can thus be used with ease and can also lessen the workload.
  • As a result of the cutting quality and rubber elasticity, the stubborn aluminum and mold wash adhering on to the aluminum die cast molds can be removed without causing scratches on the surface of the mold, or being concerned about surface roughness or over-cutting, and therefore, hassle-free maintenance task can be performed.
  • Surface polishing of aluminum die cast products (removing wrinkles and bubbles from the casting surface, sink marks, pinhole correction, and parting line), removal of cutting marks from aluminum and other soft metals, and removal of processing marks from aluminum mass-production products can be performed without worrying about clogging, thus improving the mass-production effect.
    * This clog resistance property proves to be very effective during automation at the time of machining and on the CNC lathe.
  • For plated products, the material can be finely adjusted to prevent scratches, and the best suited surface finish can be selected for the plating.

The CM type has a special abrasive grain developed in-house and also an original rubber composition, which enable it to exhibit excellent cutting quality that is unique to Daiwa Rabin.

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