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No. 906F

No. 906F

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L x W x H Weight 
44008 88 x 45 x 15 135   n.v.
7 hexagon keys: 
SW 2 - 2.5 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 and 8 mm 
2 screwdrivers: + PH2 / -1 x 5 
1 TORX screwdriver: T25

Biketool Color

10-part multifunction tool in a practical pocket format, packed in a handy protective sleeve. 
The professional tool, especially for your bicycle tour and much more, with Torx T25. 
Blades: CHROME VANADIUM hardened and colour-anodised
Housing: black aluminium with AMF logo.
Fits in every trouser pocket, backpack, bicycle bag...

Products in the category
  • No 6802

    No 6802

    Vertical acting toggle clamp

    with open clamping arm and vertical base. 
    Galvanized and passivated. Rivets made of stainless steel, which, for sizes 2 to 6, run in hardened bushings. Bearings are pre-lubricated. 
    Ergonomic, oil-resistant handle with large grip surface and soft components. Safety clamping piece with finger protection. Lock washer for the thrust bolt at the end of the clamping arm. 
    Complete with tempered, galvanized clamping screw no. 6890

  • No. 906

    No. 906

    Hexagon keys (metric) with screwdriver handle

    Blade: CHROME VANADIUM, hardened and nickel-plated
    Grip: impact-resistant plastic (cadmium-free), red

  • No. 906Q

    No. 906Q

    Hexagon keys (metric) with T-grip

    Key: CHROM VANADIUM, hardened and nickel-plated
    Grip: impact-resistand plastic (cadmium-free), red.

  • No. 906QE-WM7

    No. 906QE-WM7

    Workshop stand (metric)

    with 2-component T-grip hexagon keys no. 906QE, metric, 7-piece set. 
    Blades: CHROME VANADIUM, hardened and nickel-plated
    Grip: impact-resistant plastic (cadmium-free), black/red. 
    Stand: single-grade, impact-resistant plastic with clips for connecting further workshop stands.

  • No. 906QE

    No. 906QE

    Hexagon key (metric) with ergonomic 2-component T-grip

    Blade: CHROME VANADIUM, hardened and nickel-plated
    Grip: impact-resistant plastic (cadmium-free), black/red.

  • No. 906M

    No. 906M


    16-piece multi-purpose tool in pocket format. A professional tool specially for the cyclist, for rapid repair after any breakdown. 
    Tools: hardened and blued
    Case: two-component body.

  • No. 910

    No. 910

    SCHRAUB-boy (metric)

    Blades: CHROM VANADIUM, hardened and nickel-plated
    Body: powder-coated stee

  • No. 764CC

    No. 764CC

    Hinged pin wrench, offset

    Replaceable, hardened pins (version AZ). 
    Special steel, hardened and blued

  • No. 758NI

    No. 758NI

    Adjustable pin wrench
    stainless steel

    with electrically welded pins.

  • No. 918-HT8F

    No. 918-HT8F

    COLOR ball-ended TORX key - key holder

    Key: CHROME VANADIUM, long, hardened, nickel-plated and colour-coded.

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